Guavaberry Rum Company 5 year old Sipping Rum

Some years ago after many years in the making, we released our Republic Rum, an unsweetened golden blend of the finest Caribbean Rums, the youngest of which was aged in oak for five years. Republic Rum is a sipping quality golden spirit of the Caribbean but if all recipes depend on the quality of their ingredients, this rum will add depth and flavour to all Caribbean rum cocktails, traditional or modern.

SKU: 791558

750ml bottles

40% alc./vol.

Cases of 12

Tasting notes

Golden colour, hint of natural sweetness, a touch of oak and a smooth Vanilla finish.


Guavaberrry Rum Company

Spiced Rum...Made with the Old Mans aged rum, guavaberrys and cane Sugar! The only Rum to come off the Caribbean Island of Sint Marteen/St.Martin. Guavaberry does not taste like guava fruit. Great over Ice, mixes with coke or sprite to give a tropic red fruit spiked pop along the lines of a cherry coke. Great with any fruit juice as a tropic Island cocktail.

SKU: 791557

750ml Bottles

35% alc./vol.

Cases of 12

Tasting notes

The aged liqueur has a fruity, spicy, sweet flavour all of its own. Virtually no alcohol on the nose or palate at 35% alc./vol.