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Pecan Praline Whiskey 750ml


SKU: 822560

Canadian Whiskey

750ml - 12/Case

35% alc./vol.

Pecan Praline 375ml


SKU: 822589

Canadian Whiskey

375ml - 24/Case

35% alc./vol.


Canada - Ultra Premium. Aged in American Oak Bourbon Barrels. Tastes just like a pecan praline, eloquently balanced and not overly sweet. The pecan aromas on the nose carry right on through the palate and throughout the finish leaving you craving another sip,

BRAND: Select Club


SPIRITS TYPE: Canadian Whisky

TASTE: Rich, Pecan, Oak, Sweet, Long

Real testimonials

Are you kidding me!   

   OMG! Smooth pecan with a wonderful aroma.. Taste is perfect, I drink it straight on the rocks.... Beautiful flavor.

Afternoon Delight  

I keep this in the freezer. OMG! Sooo good. I really have to limit myself. I tell everyone about Select Club Pecan Praline. Can't say enough good about it.

Absolutely Magnificent   

   I just tried this for the first time ever. It smells and tastes so good. I mean you really get a genuine pecan praline flavor and I just can't figure out how they did it! Well done and mind blown!!