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Q: Do I have to put these in the fridge for them to become solid like the other jello type shots?

A: No, they are the perfect, solid jel consistency, whether they are warm or cold... We just think they taste better cold, like beer does!

Q: I don't like to eat anything that used to have a face, are these made from gelatin?

A: No problem, our Jel Shots are made from seaweed extract and are vegan friendly - no animal products here!

Q: I am gluten sensitive, can I have Jel Shots??

A: Yes, Jel Shots are gluten free! When the alcohol is distilled, all of the gluten stays behind and gets thrown in the trash!

Q: Can I recycle these? Can I take them back to the bottle depot?

A: The Jel shot container is 100% recyclable! There is no deposit on the Jel Shot container, it can go right in your blue bin!

Q: Will I have to stick my finger in the cup to get it out, like when my friend made jello-shots?

A: NOPE! The cups are squeezable, just peel, squeeze and party!

Q: How much alcohol does a jel shot have in it, how big are they and what kind of alcohol is it?

Each Jel shot contains 15% alcohol. They are 25ml each and they contain cane sugar neutral spirit which is the alcohol they use before they turn it into vodka or Rum or various other forms of alcoholic beverages!

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